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February Tip


 “Always train harder, faster and above all smarter than the day before!”


-       Coach Kimball



The ESN spring Enhancement season is focused on player development in order for you to establish every improvement needed for your upcoming off-season. Make sure you find a travel team that fits your skill level in order to gain game time experience working to build on strengths and fix weaknesses in your current game.


January Tip


“Your work ethic of today leads to your accomplishments of tomorrow!”


- Coach Kimball


Travel basketball season is right around the corner and you have no more time to waste. We understand that you want to make a travel team and play significant minutes in the games. All of this is currently in your control so do not waste any more time!


If you are not currently working on individual skills you are falling farther behind so be sure to start today. Now is your time to develop new skills before you head to tryouts and get assigned to a team. Once you are assigned to a team it is your job to understand your roll then perform that roll to the best of your ability in order to gain minutes.


Best of luck and always remember being on a team is an HONOR not a right! 


December Tip


“Your work ethic is a direct result of your daily effort and attitude!”


-       Coach Kimball


Starting every day telling your self, I will have a positive attitude and work harder than anyone else to accomplish every challenge is the biggest step to becoming a Winner!


Juggling school, social events, training, holidays and playing time is very stressful for a majority of athletes and families. Do not let these events overwhelm you, enjoy this time of year because the key to accomplishing your goals in February has begun!


Giving your full attention to each task/challenge during this time will result in…..



-       - More friend/family support during 2015


-       - Better performance in school


-       - Re-Energized for the new year


-       - Greater understanding of skills


-       - Improved game performance



Happy Next Level Holidays to the family!


November Tip


"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can not accept not trying."

Michael Jordan


Everyone knows the story. Arguably the best player of all time, Michael Jordan, was cut from the Varsity basketball team at Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington, NC. A 5 foot 11 inch sophomore guard at the time, MJ was viewed as too small to play at the Varsity level. He would later go on to star at the University of North Carolina for 3 years before heading to the NBA, getting drafted by the Chicago Bulls, and the rest is history.


It is crazy to think that the best player in the history of the sport had once gone through the experience of being cut. Michael Jordan went home that day and cried in his room after reading the list of Varsity players, and his name not on it. What he did next was work harder than ever, playing on Varsity the next two years and proving wrong anyone that ever doubted him.


Failure is not an end to the story; it is an opportunity to work harder. It is an opportunity to prove everyone wrong, and to become better. Michael Jordan could have given up or strayed his focus, but he did not. Getting cut from the team was a failure he could accept, what he would not accept was quitting, and the basketball world thanks him for that.


October Tip


           “You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got”

Tryouts are an opportunity, find success by accepting the challenge and maximizing your effort and attitude. Tryouts are not just to find the most skilled players, but those that work the hardest, listen, and lead as well. Every part of your game needs to be shown, as well as full effort and energy. Be the player you’ve worked so hard to become and show that you’ve reached the Next Level!!



September Tip


            “The Next Level is an attitude partnered with a top notch effort! Both of these skills are something that can’t be taught and must be learned by the athlete. Once they are mastered coaches will be able to help you reach your Next Level Status in time for the winter season!”


September is the beginning to your final push before the traditional winter season.


Will you be ready?

Will you be working as hard as possible?

Will you reach the Next Level?


Athletes must understand that there are only 12 spots on a basketball team and only 5 players can play at a time. Most teams return 4-7 players each year so there are usually only 5 spots open during tryouts. Your effort and your attitude will go the longest way in standing out come try out time.




Focus on maintaining the same work ethic every day you workout so then come tryout time no matter what you know you are ready for the Next Level!


August Tip


            “Multitasking is a skill that must be learned and mastered in order to become great!”


August is the traditional go back to school month and is a very exciting time for many athletes.




Athletes must learn how to balance schoolwork, school sports, family and training during this busy season. The Fall Travel Season is officially on the brink of starting and that means it is your final chance to get in that must needed work before school tryouts.


July Tip


            “Don’t simply work harder but instead work smarter!”


July is the time to really refine your game so our advice this month is very simple.




Fully understand your strengths/weaknesses and make a plan on how to improve both. Use all the time you have before the fall travel season to make sure you are on the court 


June Tip


            “Winners are made in the off season even if they do not get the recognition until the winter!”


June is a time of relief and relaxation because of the end to the long school year but do not take that approach to your off season training!




Many players think that it is ok to take a break in the summer but while those players are resting someone else is getting better. Take the time to go on vacation with the family but remember to not let your skills get rusty. If you wait until August to start working on your game you can’t complain if your coach decides to wait until next year to give you shot to play!


May Tip


  “If you wait to start serious training in June or when you have free time it will be to late!”


May is the final push to get to the end of school, prepare for family vacations and to begin your off-season training! Every year players around the world wait to start training until they are out of school for the summer.


My question for all of them is why?



The off-season starts the day your school season ends (February or March) and for serious players the training never stops! In order to become elite you must work on perfecting your strengths during the season then in the off-season work even harder on making your weaknesses strengths! Do not waste any more time because the Next Level never sleeps!


March/April Tip


            “If you’re biggest critic and biggest supporter is yourself then you’re on your way to finding true success!”


March/April is Travel Basketball season, which is a very crucial period for any players’ overall development. This time of year is used for playing highly competitive games and must be spent fixing all skills. Good programs give players plenty of opportunities to improve individual skills and better understand team concepts that may have kept you from making a school team or kept you from getting significant minutes.




Take the time to work hard during all practices and be sure you understand your roll in games in order to get those extra minutes against the competition.  You must understand that it is the time you put in away from practice that truly helps ensure you improve all those individual skills!


February Tip


“The two things every player has complete control over every time they step into the gym is their EFFORT and their ATTITUDE!”



The spring Travel Basketball season has begun and it is your responsibility to get the most out of every practice, workout, and game.



Coaches will always find more playing time for those that bring ENERGY day in and day out so make sure that is a part of who you are.

January Tip


“What you get out of games and practices is a result of the efforts you are putting into them!”


Many American youth basketball players are currently participating in recreational leagues around the county but once they are done the competition takes a huge step up when spring travel teams are formed. Fully prepare yourself for the challenge by tweaking your training technique this month.

1) Play more Games


There is no substitution for actually playing the game of basketball so spend more time playing this month. Head to the community center for open gym or gather your friends to play in the driveway.


2) Play with more urgency

Practice games that help you understand how to play with urgency and under control. Spot the other team two points and decide with your friends to run or do pushups as a consequence for not reaching set goals.


3) Train weaknesses and play to strengths


It is time now to really understand both your strengths and weaknesses. Continue to train hard at improving your weaknesses but when it comes time for tryouts or a chance to be in front of coaches make sure you play to your strengths. You must understand that a true coach makes decisions about a team based on the pieces he or she needs so showing off your strengths is the way to impress



What you do in your spare time is just as important as what you do in practice so don’t waste any more time and start playing today!

December Tip
This time of year is filled with friends, family, joy and gift giving but remember this is a very crucial month for players and teams alike!
Enjoy time off with your family but do not forget to stay in playing shape. Use this break to train on your own and re-focus yourself for the final stretch.
Practice game situations by going to the park or your driveway…..
            - Teams down 2 and I have the ball
            - Teams down 3 and I have the ball
            - Teams down 1 and I am at the foul line
            - Teams down 3 and I am at the foul line
Picture yourself in the game and work as hard as you can to complete each situation by….
            - Driving left for a lay-up
            - Driving right for a jump shot
            - Making a move for a lay-up
            - Making a step back 3pt
Push yourself past your comfort point and come back in January with a winning mindset!!


Happy Holidays and see you back in the gym for 2014


November Tip


November is the official month of basketball and the beginning of a brand new journey for every athlete worldwide!


Many of you have been preparing for this for…….


- 365 Days - Middle School Tryouts


- 200 Days - AAU Training and Recreational Leagues


- 9 Months - High School Season


- 5 Months - NBA and NCAA Season


Take the time to enjoy the start of this new journey and understand that you have trained harder than ever to get to this day. Only after it has begun should you then allow yourself to take a step back and evaluate what your next goals should be.


Just remember that this is YOUR journey and we are here to help YOU get to that Next Level!!


October Tip!!


The fall is one of the most important times of the year for basketball players because of the fast approaching school tryout period!



As a player you should now fully understand what your biggest strengths and weaknesses are! Take the time to perfect those strengths and mask any weaknesses you have. You must show the coach why you can help the team win this season and why it would be a mistake to no have your name on the roster come November!



Playing to your strengths is what will make you a great team player this season!



"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."


- Joshua J. Marine



Good luck and always reach for that Next Level!

September Tip!!


Great players can only become as strong as their weakest attribute and unlike Superman your kryptonite can be fixed!
As a player you must continue to exploit your weaknesses during training in order to avoid your opponent doing it to you in the game. Weaknesses come in all shapes and forms and it is up to you to hold yourself accountable.
- Shooting Technique
- Fatigue
- Footwork
- Game IQ
- Understanding of Plays
- Work Ethic
Always understanding your biggest weakness to work on is the true meaning of becoming a great player!




Motiviation for "You"......


The most important decision any one makes is the one that is made purely by "you"!!



When the decision comes from "you" it means that you are fully invested in it and therefore will work your hardest every single night!



At ESN we put the power in your hands by providing "you" an honest evaluation partnered with recommended classes so that "you" can make the decision on how to get to your next level!


You are in control.....


Every player is in 100% control of their energy because it is determined by the only two things they always have control over.



#1 Effort: The level of work you put in to a class each night.



#2 Attitude: Your facial expressions, your body language, and your understanding of instructions being given to you each class.



We must continue to learn how to master these two things because the two put together determines the type of energy you bring each night. ESN expects its players to bring a very high and positive energy level each night because that is the only way to ensure you reach your Next Level!


Join our Teams, Leagues, and Training


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