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"Youth basketball players of the same age are often at different skill levels. Most other programs just group players together based on age. At ESN, our focus is on skill level."


In 2009 Ryan Kimball was a senior college basketball player from a Division II school in Vermont searching for a better way to offer quality training to athletes everywhere. Ryan started by developing an all inclusive online training system and a new approach to training youth athletes. Ryan provided his new services to one college freshman trying to walk on at his college and one high school freshman looking to make his high school team. The players used their eval to determine what innovative ESN training programs they would decide to focus on in order to rise to the next level! Both players ended up making their teams and credited their success to the new products/services Ryan had provided to them.


Then in 2011 while living in Cary, NC Ryan noticed that the process for developiong youth basketball players was all wrong. Players of various skill levels were being lumped together in classes and on teams with no clear purpose or vision of how to get to their next level. Seeing this immediate need to offer more organized training Ryan Kimball decided to found Elite Sports Network and roll out the first ever camps, clinics, and afternoon training programs for 2011 and 2012. 


ESN has seen great success over the years and is really excited to offer its highly anticipated and innovative training programs in your area so when we arrive make sure you are prepared to reach your Next Level!! 




"Your child will be honestly evaluated by ESN Certified Trainers based on Ball Handling, Shooting, Defense, Passing, Rebounding, Basketball IQ and Determination."


The ESN evaluation is a key aspect to a players overall growth and we have spent the time to perfect it. The evaluation allows for families to see where their youth athlete is at, where they need to go, and make the right decisions on training in order to reach the next level.



1 - Players have a few bad tendences or do not quite fully understand the fundamental skill set.


2 - Players have an understanding of basic skills but have a hard time executing them in games.


3 - Players can execute basic skills in games but struggle to do it consistently under pressure.


4 - Players can exeucte under pressure and have an understanding of some advanced skills.


5 - Players can execute advanced skills under pressure and are usually the best player on the floor.





"Players will be placed in programs specific to their level because this approach gives each player the best opportunity to advance his or her skills without being left behind!"


  • Level 1 (White)
    • The Blue level is for players who need to be taught the fundamental keys of a specific category in order to see success. Players in this category may have developed bad habits over the years or never been taught the correct way. They have a passion and desire to improve but simply need to be taught the correct fundamentals of the skill set.
    • Programs at this level focus on the fundamentals so the player develops a solid foundation on which to build.
  • Level 2 (Silver)
    • The White Level is reserved for players with a solid fundamental base, but may not quite be ready for the top level. These players may resort to bad habits while under pressure, have never been introduced to advanced techniques such as (the euro step or spin hop step) or are not yet ready for the high speed/physicality that top level games are played at.
    • Programs at this level focus on building stronger fundamentals while introducing advanced skills.
  • Level 3 (Green)
    • The Green level is for the players who have a great fundamental skill base but must continue to be pushed in order to get to the next level! Players at this level must be exposed to advanced skills that combine the high speed/physicality of top-level play.
    • Programs at this level focus on advanced techniques, high pace of play and an improvement in the player’s overall Basketball IQ.


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